Brian Olech


                                                                                             March 2020


Dear Members:


The Board extends a warm welcome to you and shares in your anticipation of the opening of the 2020 Season.  We would like to thank the dedication of our staff and the members for a successful 2019 season.  This letter provides reminders and updates regarding the opening of our Club for 2020.


Board of Directors

On behalf of the General Membership, the Board would like to thank Rocco Fortura for his service to Burton Hollow.  I would like to welcome Andrea Ricotta and Mike Buatti to the Board and congratulate Kristie Jonca and Barbara McKenzie on their reelections.





The Club plans to open on Friday, May 23rd at 12:00 p.m. (staff and weather permitting) and will be open through Labor Day (Monday, September 7th).  During the season, the hours may change depending on Social Events, Swim Meets, weather and pool conditions.  Please call the Club at 734-591-1767 or check the Club’s website if you have questions about the hours of operation.


A ‘New Members’ meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 24th at 10:00 a.m.  All new Members are invited to attend.  The meeting will provide valuable information regarding the Club and provide an opportunity for new members to ask questions and meet the Board Members and Staff.


Special Meeting for Financing of the BHSC Pool and Building 4-Year Plan


On March 11, 2020 a Membership Meeting was held to discuss the financing of the pool and building updates.  The proposal was:


  • Borrow or pledge the credit of the Club for an amount up to $225,000 and Capital Assess each Membership $100 beginning in 2020 and ending in 2023


Please visit the website for the voting results.


The Board would like to thank everyone who took time out of their schedules to attend this meeting.



Please see the included Club Invoice(s) for the 2020 dues and possible assessment information.  Please note that there may be two invoices which would need to be paid.


The Burton Hollow Swim Club Website

The BHSC website address is  The website is regularly updated to include updates to the social calendar, swim team information, Club hours, and direct links to contact Board Members.  Please bookmark this site and check it frequently.


Associate Members


To the owners of a membership the Club extends the privilege of sponsoring ‘Associate Members’.  Married adult children must own their own separate membership or should be signed in as a guest of the active Member.


To better manage the ‘Associate Memberships’, the Board asks that those considering an them complete the requested information on the ‘blue card’ for review by the Board.


Swim Team

Once again, the BHSC Dolphins Swim Team will compete in the Summer Independent Swim League.  The swim team is a fun activity, and we encourage all members’ children to participate regardless of their skill level.  The Swim Team Meetings are scheduled for May 30th and June 6th at 10:00am.  We ask that all swim team parents attend one of these meetings.  Please see the enclosed paperwork for more information.  Also, please check the bulletin board and website for more information and important dates.


Rules Reminders

The Board would like to remind all members and their guests that no glass or ceramic containers of any kind are permitted on the Club grounds and that only water is permitted on the Main Pool deck.


The safety of the membership is of the utmost concern to the Board.  Unsafe conduct, especially on the pool deck, has the potential for serious injury.  Anyone participating in unsafe activities (such as picking up and throwing someone in the pool, running on concrete surfaces, etc.) will be given a warning, and if the person continues, the suspension of pool privileges will be considered.


The Board would also like to take this opportunity to remind Members that according to the Pool Rules (Section 2g) “Children may swim in the Main Pool only if they are toilet trained (no diapers or swim diapers are allowed)…”  The purpose of this rule is to prevent the County-mandated closing of the Main Pool for up to 24 hours due to ‘accidents.’.  We ask that all parents remind their children of all ages that they should use the rest rooms on a timely basis to prevent the Board from closing the Main Pool.


The designated smoking area for the Club is in the parking lot area.  This also includes vaping.


The use of drones on the grounds is prohibited.


We ask that if you are using a personal loudspeaker system under the Cabana or in the grills area to please respect others around you when setting the volume.


The majority of infractions come from guests of the Club.  The Staff and Managers rely on the members hosting the guests to ensure that their guests are aware of the Club rules.  Please take the time to review the rules on the website.


Member Blue Cards / Front Desk Check-In

Please complete your ‘Membership Blue Card’ forms and return it with your dues.  This information is essential to the Club in the event of an emergency.  If a member was to have some medical difficulty, the ‘blue card’ is an invaluable source of information.  The ‘blue card binder’ will be stored in the locked office and is only permitted to be used by the Board and Staff.  The general membership is not allowed access to this information.


As a reminder, on the back of the ‘blue card’, you are given the option to be notified of membership meetings by mail or email.  Failure to select will result in a default to standard US Mail.  Please consider the email option as it will reduce the mailing costs of the Club.


The Board asks that the when everyone ‘checks-in’ at the front desk to be patient at this time.  Also, at ‘check-in’ the guest fees will be collected, and guests will be asked to wear a wristband when using the Club.  If you plan to host a party, please visit the website for information.  An accurate number of guests attending your party will allow the Club to properly staff the Club for that day.  The designated ‘party areas’ are reserved on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.


Recreation Activities

Once again, the Club is planning to offer Diving Lessons, Tennis Lessons, Swim Lessons and Volleyball.


Swim Lessons will be offered to current members and those on the ‘Wait List’ at a cost of $35.00 per child for each two-week session, payable by check before the session begins.


Please watch the bulletin board for information regarding costs and times for the Diving Lessons and Tennis Lessons.


Social News

Kristie Jonca will be the Social Director for this season.  She has many activities planned at BHSC for this summer.  We invite all members to volunteer and participate.  You can get updates for social events using the ‘remind’ app for your phone, visiting the website, or from the Club’s bulletin board.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other Board Members using the links on the BHSC website.  On behalf of the Board, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Club this season!




 Brian Olech

President BHSC


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