BHSC Coronavirus Q & A

Q:  When will be BHSC open for the 2020 season?  


A:  The BHSC Board is meeting weekly to discuss the potential opening of the club. Decisions (if any) will be based on the latest information from Governor Whitmer and the State of Michigan. We understand that members want definitive answers right now, but we just don’t have them yet. Please continue to be patient and updates will be provided on our website as they become available.



Q:  When are membership payments due?


A:  Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, membership payments were due on April 1, 2020.  However, due to the developing situation with COVID-19, the BHSC board made the decision to extend the payment due date to May 1, 2020, without incurring any late fees.



Q:  May I make an electronic payment? 


A:  The Board has set-up a PayPal site in order to pay electronically.  Please see the ‘Covid-19 Update’ email for additional information.  If you have any questions, please contact our Secretary at



Q:  If the BHSC opening is delayed OR if we cannot open at all for the 2020 season, will membership dues be refunded?


A:  The bylaws are very specific about how dues and fees are collected.  However, the Board understands that we are in the midst of a pandemic.  This situation is a first for BHSC and we want to do what-if fair and equitable for our members.  The Board will continue to monitor and review the current situation related to Covid-19.  If the opening is delayed or if the Club does not open for the 2020 season, the Board will assess the financial situation of the Club and make a recommendation to the Membership at the appropriate time.



Q:  What if I cannot afford to pay my membership by May 1, 2020, due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. loss of income, illness, waiting on payment of stimulus check, etc.)


A: We know how difficult things are right now.  The Board has already waived the late fees up to May 1st and we are committed to working with any family that needs assistance.  If you are unable to send a check or use PayPal, the Board asks that you send an email to the Treasurer at and schedule a time to discuss your circumstances via a phone call.  All communications will be kept confidential.




Q:  Why is construction currently taking place at BHSC?  


A:  Clearwater Construction is currently addressing items such as leaks, asbestos removal, and maintenance upgrades. All work being completed at BHSC is within the guidelines set forth by Governor Whitmer and the State of Michigan. We have scaled-back many of the projects and upgrades for this year already.  For example, we have held off on the reconstruction of the baby pool as it is not deemed “essential”. 



Q:  I want to sell my membership. When can this be completed?


A:  The Club is accepting the sales of memberships at the time.  However, due to Covid-19 and the stay at home order, the sales of memberships are taking longer than usual.  We will complete the sales as quickly as possible.



Q:  Will there be a swim team this summer?


A: The Board is currently planning to have a 2020 Summer Swim Season at BHSC.  That said, we are awaiting guidance from the State of Michigan regarding athletic events.  We will also adhere to the guidelines set forth by USA Swimming which has currently suspended all meets, practices, and sanctioned events through May 31st.

Q:  Is the club opening on Memorial Day? 


A:  We are currently proceeding with a plan to open on Memorial Day, pending updated information from the State.

Q: Is there a worker bee program this year or do we not have the opportunity to get the $100 back. If there is no worker bee program, why is there not one, and if you do have it, is there going to be social distancing? 


A:  Yes.  We intend to offer ample opportunities for members to earn their Work Bee Refund. 

Q:  Have you been in contact with the city and are we still going to be able to open the pool? 


A:  Yes.  We have scheduled to have the water turned on, meter installed and pool opened, but again these are all fluid pending the direction from the State.

Q:  How is the club going to enforce any kind of social distancing in the pavilion, restrooms or snack bar area?


A:  We are discussing alternatives, but until we receive clear direction from the State we cannot implement or communicate any plans.   We are in a bit of a holding pattern here waiting for more detailed information.  We do not want to give out one plan only to have it change because of decisions made by Governor Whitmer or President Trump.  We feel that this would cause confusion for our membership.  



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