A letter from BHSC Board Covid-19 Updated 4/25/20

Dear Membership,


We would like to provide an update regarding the current construction happening at BHSC.  First, we would like to state that we don’t know when or if we will be able to open the club this season.  However, we are proceeding with necessary repairs so that we are ready when the stay at home order is lifted by the Governor.


We want you to know that we are following the guidelines set forth by the Governor as it relates to construction work. We sent an official letter to Clearwater Construction with specific items to work on during the COVID-19 situation.  All items outlined in the letter are approved to be worked on under the Governor’s Executive Order.


The Executive Order set forth by the Governor allows for work to be performed at our club due to problems with leaks, asbestos removal and maintenance upgrades.  That is what is currently happening. We have already scaled back many of the upgrades and projects for this year. For example, we are not moving forward with fixing the baby pool at this time. 


We don’t want to lose any members because of this terrible pandemic. We are all heartbroken at the thought of not opening but we are doing our best during an extremely stressful time. We know that everyone wants definitive answers right now but we don’t have them yet.  Please be patient and we will provide updates in the ‘Q & A’ section of the BHSC website as they become available.


 Thank you and stay safe,


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Created by the BHSC Board