A letter from BHSC Board Covid-19

Fellow Members:


We are certainly in the midst of an unprecedented time and the Board would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience as everyone works through the challenges that the coronavirus is causing worldwide.  This situation is evolving rapidly - almost hourly - and the Board will do our best to communicate to you the latest impact this is having on your Club.


This is a very stressful time for all of us. The Board will be putting the health and safety of all the Members, families, and employees first. We plan to follow the CDC guidelines in all aspects regarding the coronavirus and we are certain all Members will continue to follow these as well. The Board hopes that everyone stays healthy and safe during this challenging time.


With the State Of Michigan allowing the restaurants and bars to re-open on March 31, 2020, the Board is currently working towards the scheduled opening of the Club on the Friday of Memorial Weekend (Friday, 22-May-2020 - and my apologies for the wrong date in the President's Letter). The Board has hired the staff and is moving forward with efforts towards obtaining the equity loan, planning for the Work Bees starting in late April, scheduling the maintenance to prepare the pool for the opening in mid-May, and implementing the plans voted for at the 'Planning Meeting' held on March 11, 2020.  Payments are still due April 1, 2020. But, given the uncertainty of the moment, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its associated implications, the Board will not collect late fees for payments, so long as they are received by May 1, 2020 


There is no doubt that this is a time of great uncertainty and the Board will do our best to constantly monitor the situation and plans to communicate our activities to the Membership on a timely basis. If you have any questions, please send these to the Board and we will do our best to address your concerns - but we do ask for your patience since we are personally dealing with the same situations as you and with the current social distancing, meeting is proving to be difficult.

The Board hopes that this worldwide crisis ends soon and that everyone comes through this with the best of health.





Brian Olech

President BHSC



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