Guest fee: $5 Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays; $4 Monday-Friday

All guests are responsible for filling out the waiver form in the link below.  If for some reason, you cannot fill out the waiver form online there are hard copies of the form available at the front desk.


Guest Waiver Form

With the State removing all outdoor restrictions on June 1, 2021, the Board has decided to allow guests at the Club; however, if a Member would like to have a party, the number of guests will be limited to 30.  Also, only three parties will be allowed at the Club each day.  If you would like to reserve a site for a party, we ask that you complete the ‘Party form’ on the website and send that to our Managers at  The Board plans to review this policy based on the expected July 1, 2021 State Guideline update.


Members will be allowed to bring a maximum of 10 guests to the Club at any time without having to make a ‘Party Reservation’.  The Board also asks that Members use MemberSplash to make your guest reservations.  Guests will be entered into the Member’s account when they enter the Club by a Staff Member.


As previously communicated, the Club is implementing a ‘Waiver Procedure’ which will apply to all guests entering the Club.  The Club will have this form online and have paper copies at the front desk.  All guests will need to have responsible adult sign the form in order for them to be allowed into the Club.


Per the survey, the Board will allow the children of Members to enter the Club at 12 years of age or older.  A 12-year-old or older is allowed to bring guests – but, as mentioned above, their guests will need to have a responsible adult sign the form in order for them to be allowed into the Club.



As a reminder, the board has decided that there will be only seven tables under the pavilion this Season – with two tables being reserved for handicap access.  On the weekends and Holidays, the Board will be implementing the same process for the pavilion tables as with the cabanas – a cost of $5.00 to rent/reserve a table under the pavilion.  We ask that you use the MemberSplash program toreserve your table or cabana but all same-day reservations must be done with the manager that day.  We cannot guarantee your reservation if you make it through membersplash the day you will be using it.

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