If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please download the application and submit by mail with a check for $40 made out to BHSC:



2020 Wait List Application
2020 Waitlist Application.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [49.2 KB]

The current wait list:      AS OF 3/1/2020


1.  Brian and Lara Kersanty


2.  Jeff and Stephanie Parker


3.  Cherie and Hassen Berry


4.  David and Jennifer Shevchik


5.  Jonathan and Molly Dishmon


6.  David and Kelly Harpst


7.  Megan Treadway


8.  Kelly Lindsay


9.  Cesar Redondo


10.  Carrie Lapham


11.  Anthony Nassar and Dawn Miller


12.  Jeff and Bridget Bracken


13.  Salam and Marlene Khzouz


14.  Jennifer Jenkinson


15.  Keith and Jayne Firstenberg


16.  Kim and Dan Buday


17.  Maria and Josh Kirk


18.  Scott and Melanie Sobas


19.  Cathy Lambert


20.  Jack and Helen Watkins


21.  Kevin and Susan Arnold


22.  Steve and Brynn Bruestle


23.  Dave and Jess Starrak


24.  Bill and Geralynn Wilson


25.  Matt Harrison


26.  Greg and Lori Moshier


27.  Andrew and Sylvana Konja


28.  Mike and Vanessa Peters


29.  Jason and Samantha Ryan


30.  Brandon and Christine Woodland


31.  Teresa Davis and Jason Repasky


32.  Bill and Lisa Durand  


33.  James and Jennalyn White


34.  Paul and Jessica Schultz


35.  David Lee


36.  Tim McCarley


37.  Rebecca Phillips


38.  Zach and Amy Glod


39.  Fiona Sulejmani


40.  Andy and Julie Comps


41.  Jennifer Murray


42.  Nathan Lee and Julie Renges


43.  Kristen and Eric Boehm


44.  Ann Epperson


45.  Jeff and Christien Brow


46.  Jonathan and Taylor Herndon


47.  Steven and Natalie Skalski


48.  Brian and Elizabeth Saltzman


49.  Jennifer Knight


50.  Kristin Lowrance


51.  Emily and Ray Maleyko


52.  Jennifer Thom


53.  Greg and Jackie Weldon


54.  Franca Tiano


55.  Brian and Katie Drabicki


56.  Joseph and Judy Bowles 


57.  Timothy Wood


58.  Michael and Nancy MacDonald


59.  Lawrence and Shannon Griffin


60.  Kathryn and Douglas Walters


61.  Jason and Nicole Torrez


62.  Melanie Morris


63.  Brad Buckler


64.  Dave and Jen Bonello


65.  Justin and Heather Keeter


66.  Lindsay Guentner 


67.  Steve and Nicole Reinke


68.  Ashley and Chris MacFarland


69.  Evan Walling


70.  Aaron and Kelley Phillips


71. John MacFarland


72.  Vera and Tom Plumaj


73.  Chris and Stephanie Porman


74.  Steve Reschke


75.  Courtney Ray


76.  Jeremy and Marisa Marks


7.  Keith and Amanda Toth


71.  Kevin and Christy Krawczyk


72.  Ryan and Kelly Bator


73.  James and Renee Wilkins


74.  Phillip and Tracy Lutz


75.  Chris Jarvis 


76.  Jacob and Carla Geddes


77.  Ryan and Natalie Szczepkowski


78.  Walter and Kelly Goddard


79.  Josh and Chessa Turcott


80.  James and Shelly-Ann Dow


Questions regarding membership wait list contact Gale Edelen 

If you would like to sell your membership, please download the form and follow procedure below:


Membership Sale Procedure
Membership Sale Form.docx
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