Interested in joining BHSC?

If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please print out the application below and submit a check by mail for $40 made out to Burton Hollow Swim Club.

We do not accept applications at the club. Please mail them to:

BHSC Membership
PO BOX 530902
Livonia, MI  48153-0902

DO NOT MAIL YOUR APPLICATION TO THE CLUB.  The post office does not deliver to the club.



Wailtlist Application



As of June 18, 2021:  We are still processing applications and will update the remaining names shortly.  FYI - All memberships have been sold for the 2021 season. If a membership becomes available mid-season, I will contact #9 on the list to start.


Thank you for your patience.


​***Please note that the names in red passed for the 2021 season

  1. Bator, Ryan & Kelly
  2. Rush, Sean & Dawn
  3. Doelker, Richard & Angela
  4. Marvin, Tim & Marie
  5. Denyer, Jake & Michelle
  6. Sargent, Jeff & Lauren
  7. Winslow, Jeff & Erin
  8. Mann, Mike & Julie
  9. Bartus, Chris & Heather
  10. Faulkner, Olumide & Karolynn
  11. Fitzpatrick, Jared & Brianna
  12. Jenkinson, Jennifer & Cuevas, Michael
  13. Drake, Whitney E.
  14. Kliza, Walter
  15. Stimac, John & Susan
  16. Schmidtke, Casey
  17. Buss, Matt & Christy
  18. Fakhouri, Haithum
  19. Dunaway, David & Julie
  20. Frum, Joshua
  21. Misiuk, Derrick & Kaley
  22. Gord, Christopher
  23. Edwards, Jim & Sally
  24. Haverland, Michael
  25. Amin, Matt & Jen
  26. Byrnes, Jeremy & Nicole
  27. Mattson, Jeremy & Melissa
  28. DeJong, Mellissa
  29. Del Pizzo, Dante & Gosia
  30. Hassan, Johnny & Carolyn
  31. Finch, Allison
  32. Soupis, Mellinda
  33. Alhin, Alexander
  34. Vella, Carie
  35. Stutzmann, Jeff & Tina
  36. Brumo, Brent & Veronica


If you would like to sell your membership, please download the form and follow procedure below:


Membership Sale Procedure
Membership Sale Form.docx
Microsoft Word document [10.7 KB]

Selling your home and want to incude your membership for the seller or transferring your membership to a family member, click here.

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