Update 6/17

June 17, 2021

Dear Members:

The Board hopes that you have been able to enjoy the 2021 season these first few weeks of the season.  The weather has been great and many Members and their guests have been visiting the Club.  We would like to take this opportunity to provide some updates and review some important items.



With the large number of Members and guests using the Club, the Board would like to remind everyone to please show the proper respect to the Staff, other Members, their guests, and to the Club itself.  We ask for your patience when checking in at the front desk, following the rules of the Club, listening to the Staff when they are enforcing the rules, and cleaning up your areas when you are leaving the Club.  BHSC is a wonderful family Club and we would like everyone to do their part to show the kind of decorum that is appreciated by all.



As with any organization, BHSC has rules that Members and their guests are supposed to follow.  These rules are in place in order to provide a safe and enjoyable visit to the Club.  Unfortunately, there have been incidents where these rules are not being followed.  These include (but are not limited to) crossing of the ropes, safety in the diving well, running on cement surfaces, and standing on top of tables and play structures.  We ask that you please review the rules that are posted on the website and if you have any questions regarding any rule, please ask the Staff for further explanations.



As you know, the Club is now using the electronic MemberSplash system to check-in guests at the front desk.  This is being done to stop the fraud of non-members trying to use the Club.  We have found that many Members have not updated their profile in the system. This is causing delays for all Members who are waiting to enter the Club.  The Board would like to ask that Members ensure that the pictures and birthdates for each member living in the household are updated by June 25th.  If your profile is not updated by that day, you will not be allowed into the Club.  If you have any questions or need help updating your profile, please contact Sean Horgan at HYPERLINK "mailto:tech@burtonhollowswim.com" tech@burtonhollowswim.com and he will be happy to provide the technical assistance you need.

Please note that a membership applies to those living at the residence – not to extended family or adult children that have moved out of the house.  Anyone not living in the house will be treated as guests.


Guests and Reservations

Members will be allowed to bring a maximum of 10 guests to the Club at any time without having to make a ‘Party Reservation’.  Guests will be entered into the Member’s account when they enter the Club by a Staff Member.  Also, as previously communicated, the Club is implementing a ‘Waiver Procedure’ which will apply to all guests entering the Club.  The Club will have this form online and the Board requests that you visit the website to complete this form prior to visiting the Club.  All guests will need to have a parent or legal guardian sign the form in order for them to be allowed into the Club.  Guest will only have to complete this form one time as it will apply for the entire 2021 season.

If a Member would like to have a party, the number of guests will be limited to 30.  Also, only three parties will be allowed at the Club each day.  If you would like to make a reservation for a party, a table under the pavilion, or for a cabana, we ask that you visit the Club and speak directly to a Manager.  With the integration issues we have been having with MemberSplash, the electronic reservation will be discontinued on June 18th.  We also ask that if you reserve a table or cabana, you pay at the time you make the reservation.  If the Club is closed for inclement weather, your payment will be refunded.

Closing Remarks

I am proud to report that through everyone’s hard work, the Club has passed the City of Livonia inspection!  The Board would like to thank all of the Staff and Members who have worked so hard – and continue to work hard – in reaching this 2021 milestone.  We continue to ask for your help in keeping BHSC a safe, family-friendly place for all to enjoy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any other Board Members using the links on the BHSC website.  On behalf of the Board, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Club this season!



Brian Olech
President BHSC



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