A note from the Board

Dear Members:


The Board hopes that you have been able to enjoy the Swim Club for the past week.  With all the hard work done by the Members at the Work Bees, the Club looks great and everyone should be proud of what was accomplished in such a short period of time.  Additionally, the Board would like to say ‘Thank You’ for all of the kind words given to us for opening the Club.


For this weekend of June 19-21, we will continue with the same reservation policy.  For those asking for the site address, it is https://www.signupgenius.com/go/bhsc_weekendsignup_619-621.  An email for Signup Genius for the next two weekends will be sent out at 10am this Saturday, June 20th.  Moving forward, please visit the BHSC website as subsequent weekends will go live at 10am on Saturday with the link contained in the site.


Yes, you did read that right – moving forward, the Signup Genius will be used only on the weekends (Friday night through Sunday) and the number of reservations for the weekends will be increased from 60 to 75 Members.  During the week (Monday through Friday afternoon) starting on June 22nd, no reservations will be required.  The Board has made this decision based on the usage of the Club for the previous week.  We are doing our best to open the Club to as many members as possible to use at their convenience; however, if the Board sees that Members are not respecting the rules put forth in order to comply with the City, County, and State requirements, the Board will be forced to go back to the reservation system during the week.  In order to meet these requirements, we will ask the Members to wait outside the Club between 4:30-5: to allow the Staff to clean and disinfect the premises.


In the Board’s review and assessment of how we as a club have adhered to the social distancing requirements set by the State, most have done a good job.  But we did notice some families were not socially distancing while they were visiting, sitting at the same table and not maintaining a 6-foot separation or wearing masks.  It is extremely important that we follow the guidelines set forth by the State.  The last thing we want is to be cited by the Wayne County Health Department or be the site of a COVID-19 outbreak.  So, if you are going to socialize with people outside your family, please do not sit at the same table and please take steps to maintain the 6-foot separation, by setting up a circle of chairs for example.  Thank you for all your help and support.


Also based on the usage, the Board has decided to make the following changes to the existing rules:


·       Under the pavilion, the number of tables reserved for the handicap and senior citizens has been reduced from 6 to 4.  We ask that you respect this decision to keep these tables reserved and to keep the area under the pavilion clear of a potential pinch-point.

·       Under the pavilion, we have decided to allow ‘two-way traffic’ to enable those not on the deck to access the locker rooms through the clubhouse.  We still ask that you enter the main pool through the gate closest to the baby pool and exit the main pool through the gate near the clubhouse.

·       The age for those children who will need to be supervised by a parent, guardian, or designated caregiver has been lowered to 15.  Those 16 years or older will be allowed to visit the Club without supervision.

·       The Board will now allow Members to bring and supervise other member children while they are at the Club.  A note from the parent or guardian of those under the age of 16 to be supervised is required.  The note MUST contain: Date of Visit, Stock #, Name of Supervising Family, Contact Phone  # & Signed by the Parent or Guardian.  A new note must be used for each visit.  Please remember we are still not allowing guests at this time.  This benefit is only for members. 


As previously communicated, representatives from Wayne County and the City of Livonia will be visiting our Club to inspect the pools and the grounds.  The Board does not know when these inspections will occur; therefore, we ask that Members and their children pay close attention to the rules so that the Club does not get shut down due to any infractions that the representatives may observe.


As you can see, the Board is doing our best to open the Club to as many Members as possible.  The Board and Staff continue to work hard to follow the ever-changing guidelines in order to keep the Club open.   We do not want to have to section off the pool or have ‘pods’ in order to keep the Club open as other Clubs have done so we continue to ask for your patience, diligence and help to follow the rules and guidelines regarding the deck chairs, pinch points, social distancing, etc. to continue to make BHSC one of the best places to be this season.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.




Brian Olech

President BHSC


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