Fellow Members:


The Board hopes that during this ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ time, you and your family were able to enjoy the Easter Weekend.  We would also like to provide an update regarding the Coronavirus and the ‘Work Bees’.


With the Michigan Legislature extending the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ mandate until May 15, 2020, the original ‘Pre-Work Bee’ date at the end of April conflicts with the mandate.  Also, with the mandate, the City of Livonia is closed and the Department of Water and Sewage will not be available to reinstall the main water meter.  With these unknowns, the Board has postponed the Work Bees and will notify you when dates are rescheduled.


The water meter is removed at the end of every season as part of the winterizing activities when closing the Club.  The Board had contacted the City of Livonia prior to the mandate and had scheduled the meter installation to be in mid-April.  We will be contacting the City after the shutdown to get the water meter installed as soon as possible.


The Club will need the water to have the facilities working and, as you know, to be able to perform the many cleaning tasks that are scheduled each year to prepare the Club for opening – the pressure washing of the deck and pavilion areas, the washing of the chairs, the cleaning of the kitchen, locker rooms, picnic tables and just about every area and item of the Club.  The water is also needed to refill the pools (the Main Pool is drained about three feet and Baby Pool is emptied and refilled each spring) so that the filter systems can be started and the chemical balances can be achieved.


The Board contacted the pool company and has BHSC third on their list for pool openings.  We are also trying to arrange for the company to come out early to reconnect the toilets, urinals, faucets and sinks that were disconnected as part of the winterizing activities.  By doing this, we will ensure that BHSC has the proper facilities as soon as the City installs the water meter.


The Board would prefer to provide actual dates at this time, but with the situation constantly changing, that is proving to be a difficult task.  When we have more definitive information, we will contact you as soon as possible with the new dates.  The Board will be scheduling other opportunities during the season to help Members earn their Work Bee refunds; however, we would like to ask that as many Members as possible attend the Work Bees prior to the opening so we can get the pool ready for the summer.


The Board shares your concern during these stressful and uncertain times.  According to what we know, the other Clubs in the area are also planning to open Memorial Weekend.  Also, the other Clubs have been conducting ‘business as usual’ and have been collecting dues/capital improvement payments per their regular schedule.  Only BHSC has offered any relief with the delay of payments until May 1st without any penalty.  We will do our part to help bring back a sense of normalcy to the families of the Club by opening as soon as possible.  For more detailed information and constant updates, the Board asks that you check our website at burtonhollowswim.com on a regular basis.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us in the future.


The Board wishes you and your family health and well wishes.




Brian Olech

President BHSC


Each membership shall be required to annually provide a minimum of four adult (18 years or over) working hours for the operation of the Club, or be assessed the equivalent of $100.00. This special $100.00 annual assessment is to be paid with annual dues and will be refunded when the required working hours are completed.

If you need additional information please contact- Jim Mariani

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