This is a complete list of all the club rules. Please make every effort to follow these rules and inform any of your guests to follow them also.

Guest policy

· Everyone must register upon arriving at the club.

· Members need to be present with their guests at all times.

· All guests must pay the guest fees and wear a wrist band, which will be given out by a lifeguard upon arrival.

· Overall number of guests per membership is not limited. However, the same guest is limited to no more than six (6) visits per season.

Tables and Pavilion area

· Tables under the Pavilion may never be reserved.

· Due to limited quantities of tables, tables that are not actively used for an hour may have items removed by the manager so other members may use the table.

· It is never acceptable to save Pavilion tables with table clothes, baskets, bags, etc. for later use at the club. These items will be removed by the manager.

  Parties will not be allowed on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day or the Sunday before Labor Day. Tables may not be reserved. Cabana reservations will include one table per cabana.

· If you have any questions or issues about use of any tables, please address it with a manager.

Kiddie Pool

· There is no lifeguard in the kiddie pool or the enclosed area. Adults must supervise their children.

· Kiddie Pool - Children 6 years and younger (according to the sign we have listed on the gate door)

· Swim diapers are only allowed in the kiddie pool; no type of diapers are allowed in the big pool.


· Glass OR ceramic containers are not allowed on Club property (Only unbreakable containers).

· Running is not permitted on any cemented surface.

· BHSC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

· No smoking within the grounds of the club.

· No furniture is allowed within 12 feet of the pool (the red line).

· Ropes surrounding the deck are not to be crossed.

· All trash must be placed in the available trash containers.

· Skateboard riding and rollerblading are not permitted within the club.

· Obscenities are not allowed in the pool or on the grounds.

· Drunken belligerence is not tolerated. Individuals will be asked to leave and if non-cooperative, law enforcement will be requested.

· Defilement of Burton Hollow property is not allowed and is subject to disciplinary action (which may require reimbursement, suspension, expulsion, or legal action). (Please be nice and courteous to our neighbors)

· Sand digging is not permitted on the volleyball court due to the possibility of injury.

· Animals and pets, except guide dogs, are not allowed on Club property.

· No drones on club grounds.

· Communication devices are to be used respectively.

· No cameras or recording devices allowed in the locker rooms.

· To respect the privacy of all member and guests, please restrict your photos to your group.

· Violation of the Pool Rules may result in the suspension of all Club privileges for the responsible member(s) and guest(s). Upon review of the matter, the managerial staff and the Board of Directors may impose further penalties including suspension or expulsion.


· No Band-Aids are allowed in pool

· Any person having a skin disease, wearing a bandage, having nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes, severe skin abrasions, infections, or any communicable diseases shall be restricted from the pool.

· The introduction of bodily wastes into the pool is prohibited. This includes spitting and/or blowing noses.

· Persons cannot go off the diving board, down the slide, or swim in the diving well (whether the boards are open or closed) with a floatation device.

· Wait at the bottom of the ladder on diving board AND water slide

· Boisterous or rough play is not permitted in or around the pool.

· Riding on top of another’s shoulders in the pool is not permitted.

· Holding, pulling or otherwise handling of the lane rope (dividing the diving well and the main pool area) is not permitted.

· Pool safety devices are for lifesaving purposes only and may only be handled by the Lifeguard staff.


· Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving boards.

· Patrons must wait at the bottom of the ladder, awaiting their turn on the diving board.

· Diving must be to the front of the diving board and only when the front area is clear of swimmers. The only exceptions are, under the supervision of a Swim Team Coach, Lifeguard or other Water Safety Instructor in the course of a swimming lesson.

· Patrons may only bounce once before leaving the end of the diving board unless performing a regulation dive during which the standard dive approach may be used.

· Guards may close the diving boards at any time for swimming in the deep end of the pool.
Questions or concerns regarding these rules should be directed to a manager.

· No diving is permitted in water less than 5 feet deep or as indicated by painted lines at the edge of the pool.

· No flips off the side of the pool.

· Injuries occurring on Club property must be reported to the on duty Manager immediately.


· Rafts and other flotation devices are not allowed in the pool except on designated Float Nights. On float night, floats that greatly obstruct a lifeguard’s view are not allowed. If at any point a lifeguard feels overwhelmed by the rafts in the pool, he/she has the discretion to ask members/guests to remove the flotation device.

· Other flotation devices such as water wings, "floaties", etc. may not be used in the big pool. Members and guests can use life vests provided by BHSC (at the front desk). Other flotation devices may be used in the baby pool and then ONLY under direct and constant parental supervision.

· Impaired persons may use the other U.S. Coast Guard approved flotation devices in the pool with the prior approval of the Pool Manager and under the conditions set by the Manager.

· No object may be thrown in the pool or on the pool deck if it is disturbing other members.


· Verbal warning from life guard.

· 2nd warning results in time out.

· Member or guest removed from club for the rest of the day (phone call home from Manager).

· Member privileges revoked for up to 2 weeks. (Guest privileges may be revoked for rest of summer and potential phone call home from Manager)

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