BHSC 2023 Swim Lessons

We will be offering three 2-week sessions. Each session will run Monday-Thursday for two weeks, with Friday serving as a rain day.
Session 1: June 19 - 30
Session 2: July 10 - 21
Session 3: July 31 - August 10
Level 1/2 will run from 10:10-10:50 AM
Levels 3 & 4 will run from 10:50-11:30 AM
Level 5/6 will run from 11:30 AM - 12:10 PM
Cost is $50 per swimmer per session.
Please visit the front desk to sign up.

Levels 1 & 2:  The combined levels of one and two are to introduce children to swimming.  We will help them to overcome any fears about water.  We will explore floating and kicking.  We will practice putting our faces in the water and blowing bubbles.  Levels 1 and 2 are for beginning swimmers.


Level 3:  In Level 3, we will continue to explore floating, kicking, and alternating arms and legs.  We will introduce freestyle and backstroke by practicing arm stroke coordination.  Children will practice jumping in the pool on their own and swimming to the side.


Level 4:  In Level 4, children will continue to develop and perfect freestyle and backstroke.  The child should feel fairly confident with their abilities in the water.  We will work on alternating breathing by turning our heads.  We will routinely swim the width of the pool.  We will introduce breaststroke and sidestroke.  Children will practice diving and retrieving objects from four feet of water.

Level 5 & 6:  In Level 5, there is a reinforcement of all strokes.  The children are expected to swim one lap of the pool with little to no help.  Children are confident with freestyle and backstroke.  We will work consistently in the deep end of the pool (12 feet).  We will practice and perfect diving skills. We will refine and perfect all strokes, including butterfly.

Contact the BHSC Manager for more information.

Water Exercise

The BHSC Water Exercise Class will be back again this summer at BHSC. Increase your flexibility, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness while having fun.  Swim ability not necessary.  The class will meet on Monday and Wednesday from 11:30am - 12:30pm with Friday being a self-instructed day or lap swim with a lifeguard on duty. The class start date is Monday, June 20th and will continue through the end of August.


Instructor: M. Fran Saenz, YMCA Fitness Instructor.  Cost is $30 per person for the season. Free trial class for those who want to see what we do.  For any questions please contact Fran at 


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