Interested in joining BHSC?

If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please print out the application below and submit a check by mail for $40 made out to Burton Hollow Swim Club.

We do not accept applications at the club. Please mail them to:

BHSC Membership
PO BOX 530902
Livonia, MI  48153-0902

DO NOT MAIL YOUR APPLICATION TO THE CLUB.  The post office does not deliver to the club.



Bond = $550

Dues = $725

Transfer Fee = $100

Work Bee Fee = $100 (Refundable if 4 hours worked)

Total:  $1475.00


Click here for the Waitlist Application





As of May 22, 2023:  


​***Please note that the names in red passed for the 2023 season.  If they do not accept a membership in 2024, they will be removed from the waitlist.  You can only pass on a membership one time.


*I have reached out to all waitlist so far for the 2023 season......(if you accepted, but your payment has not been verified, you are still listed, if you have not made your payment, please do so ASAP. If you have, be patient as our treasurer sifts through payments, then relays the info to me for further action)


1. Parker, Andrew & Pamela

2. Shaughnessy, Amanda

3. Conn, Larry & Colleen

4. Beaudoin, Sherry

5. Yatooma, Jerry & Jen

6. Krueger, Kimberly

7. Meloche, Joel

8. Henning, David & Janine

9. Scott, Donte & Carrie

10. Lezotte, John & Whitney

11. Berbaum, Thomas & Megan

12. Warra, Jalil & Shannon

13. Geddes, Jacob & Carla

14. Nader, Rana & Saad, George

15. Sutton, Brittany

16. Elliott, Barbara

17. Pasienza, Michael & Jessica

18. Rodriguez, Jason

19. Letts, Justin & Noceeba

20. Pelto, Tyler & Nicole

21. Sokolowski, Ryan & Megan

22. Rampersaud, Tracy & Vince

23. Hiatt Family

24. Murray, Alex

25. Clairmont, Haleigh & Andy

26. Duncan, Andrea & Neil

27. Benson, Ashley & Elliott

28. Ramos, Kelli

29. Saenz, Kelly


If you would like to sell your membership, please download the form and follow procedure below:


Membership Sale Procedure
Membership Sale Form.docx
Microsoft Word document [10.7 KB]

Selling your home and want to include your membership for the seller or transferring your membership to a family member, click here.

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