Hello Burton Hollow Members,

As we count down the days until opening day, the board has been working hard to get the club up and running for the 2022 season. But, we need your help to get ready to make that happen. 


Click here to see volunteer opportunities that are available for Work Bee volunteer Hours. Please note that I have added two dates that are during the week and not on a weekend. With two kids in sports and activities, I know how difficult it can be to set aside four hours on a weekend to volunteer. Hopefully, these weeknight times will allow more people to take advantage of the work bee opportunity.


If you have any specialized skills such as carpentry, tiling, etc. please Toni O’Connor at grounds@burtonhollowswim.com so proper arrangements can be made for specific tasks.

If you would like to assist the Flower Bees, please contact Kathy at kqmp@aol.com


As a reminder:

Volunteering for Work Bee or Flower Bee hours allows members to earn back  $100 of their annual dues by supplying four (4) hours of adult labor (18 years or older). 

Each Membership is allowed only one $100 return per season.

Members are asked to choose one shift and work that shift fully. Members are not allowed to split-up time between sessions. 


Please arrive on-time to work the entire shift. 


Please refrain from bringing children with you during your volunteer time slot.


Members should come in appropriate work clothing (for painting, wet grounds, etc.) and bringing personal tools (rakes, shovels, power tools, hardware, etc.) is always appreciated. 


If the dates and times available do not work for your schedule, or a date fills up, don’t worry, there will be other opportunities to volunteer throughout the season.


I appreciate your patience with me as I learn my new role on the board. Jim and I are in close communication but I may not do things exactly how he did and I am still learning.

Thank you for taking the time to help make Burton Hollow Swim Club a great place to "bee."
Toni O'Connor
BHSC Grounds


Each membership shall be required to annually provide a minimum of four adult (18 years or over) working hours for the operation of the Club, or be assessed the equivalent of $100.00. This special $100.00 annual assessment is to be paid with annual dues and will be refunded when the required working hours are completed.

If you need additional information please contact- Toni O'Connor

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